PHI - Participatory electronic festival




Φ is transformation, playful, queer, pleasure, desire, heterotopia…

PHI is a participatory movement that offers festive and heterotopic spaces.

A heterotopia is a materialised form of utopia, a parenthesis from everyday life, a space cut off from time, allowing moments of freedom, expression and experience.

PHI seeks to create a community that wants to create heterotopias and get involved in any way or other. Getting involved is what drives PHI.

φ is transformation

PHI is a place of freedom that seeks to explore transformation in all its possible forms.

φ is playful

PHI is a playground: a parenthesis we build together as an incitation to experiment, try, create and play.

φ is queer

PHI evolves outside normative identity statuses. We are all born naked and the rest is drag!

φ is pleasure

PHI is here and now.

φ is desire

PHI is what you want you shape it into.

φ is heterotopia

PHI is a parenthesis from everyday life, a space cut off from time, allowing moments of freedom, expression and experience.

“Dans toute culture, dans toute civilisation, des lieux réels, (…) sortes d'utopies effectivement réalisées dans lesquelles les emplacements réels, (…) des sortes de lieux qui sont hors de tous les lieux, bien que pourtant ils soient effectivement localisables”, Michel Foucault.


And… Did you know…?

φ is the golden ratio = the divine proportion = the perfect party

φ is a ratio found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.

This ratio is present everywhere in nature, such as in the way a snail’s shell or a pine cone are shaped.

The frequency of its presence along with the sense of harmony and equilibrium it brings led is to be named the golden ratio.

It has been observed since Antiquity and has ever since been profusely used in architecture and art such as the pyramids or the Parthenon but also the ratio of credit cards length to width.

PHI’s idea is to create the perfect party. A party that plays and experiments with its different parts to form a harmonious all.



φ is electronic music

Phi is essentially electronic music...

Lineup PHI 2019

The lineup will be announced during the festival.

If you are a DJ and would like to mix at PHI, send us an email at

Please note that PHI is a participatory festival and we all work for free.



φ is nature

PHI is embedded in nature. A unique place will be our heterotypic playground.

Location PHI 2019

        The exact location in Corfu will be announced soon.