PHI - Participatory electronic festival
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What ‘participatory’ means

PHI brings together people who share the same vision of the heterotopia they want to co-create.

PHI is built by and for its actors.

Anyone who wishes to join PHI is welcome.

Every person contributes what she or he is able and willing to.

Before & after

The festival itself starts on August 17th and ends on August 19th but PHI will have a pre-building and setting-up phase, as well as a cleaning and tidying up post phase from the beginning to the end of August approximately. The « before and after » phases will be in cooperation with LARNA.

The idea is to create PHI together, set up the decorations, the bar, the scenography, the games, the shade, the water and everything we may need, and then, after PHI, to pack up everything and leave the place just as we found it.

Both before and after, as well as during, will obviously be declined in a festive manner and in the PHI spirit.

Everyone is welcome to join at any point in time and contribute to the extent they wish and can. To find out more or ask any questions, send us an email here.


How to participate

If you are now motivated to participate and come to PHI just contact us via:

Prerequisite: Good vibes 😉

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