PHI - Participatory electronic festival
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Practical info



PHI collaborates with Larna’s Project. Larna can provide accommodation solutions for those participants of the PHI Festival who would like to stay there the week before and after the festival.

Any person wishing to prolong their stay in the premises is welcome, but please be aware that she/he will be in Larna, that is an independent project from the festival with its own functioning. 

Therefore, it is very important to read the general info document on the Larna’s website, as well as filling the doodle and sending an email to to inform them of the dates you will stay there.

Please note that Larna has limited capacity and a daily fee (15 euros).

Other options

Otherwise you can check out Airbnb, as well as either local hotels or rooms to rent in Corfu.



You can get to Corfu by air, sea or land.

  • By air: There are direct fights and one-stop flights from Switzerland and other European countries. From Athens to Corfu, it’s about an hour flight. For different combinations, visit skyscanner, edreams etc.
  • By ferry: Daily boats from Italy via Igoumenitsa or direct to Corfu (link)
  • By car: There is a connection to the mainland harbour Igoumenitsa, that’s a 1:30 hours boat ride to Corfu.


It’s free.

Yeah, we know it’s weird. But no catch and hence the participatory.


We leave it as we found it.

Environmental consciousness is one of PHI’s core values which is why we will leave the location in the exact same state as it was found. No waste and no damage.


100% fire-free festival.

Greece being a particularly dry country and the summer the worse season on that front, particular attention will be paid so as to not take any fire risk.

Food & Beverage

We will cook together on site. Everybody who has cooking skills is invited to give a hand. You can also bring your home-made food.

The bar will also be held by the participants, a schedule will be organised beforehand.

Accessible prices for everybody. Water will be offered

No drugs